Another motif from Cotton Crazy Quilt

The silk ribbon in this motif was dyed using the white dyers ribbon and dyes from When you buy in bulk you really save SO much money and can have any color you want lickety split- about 5 minutes. Quicker then ANY trip to the store. I have also dyed lace motifs with great results even if is wasn't recommended. (a bit of experimentation!)

The seam to the left was made using Carole Samples templates, and what a great resource they are.

Other seams on the cotton crazy were using Kelly Gallagher Abbott's templates from I love CQ goodies- can you tell? =)


  1. Love it! But you already know I am a basket freak!

  2. Love it!
    I too love baskets of flowers...

  3. a tisket, a tasket, I love that little basket! Thanks for mentioning my blog in your list of faves. I was stunned to be included with such an incredible group!