My Introduction to Crazy Quilting and Debbie's blog

I have been crazy quilting for about 7 years. I 'blame' it on my dear friend, Debbie, who showed me her first Crazy Quilt back then.

I had made a few sane quilts, and always became frustrated with the points having to match, (mine never did) and the perfection of having to sew a quarter inch seam. I don't remember which CQ she showed me (If you remember Debbie I would like to know and see pics too) but I do remember the fascination! It was so freeform, the perfectionism of piecing did not exist...I was free to use any fabics I wanted, free to use any embellishments I wanted including buttons, lace, charms. I thought to myself. "I REALLY CAN do this!' After sewing and embellishing a block , and when Debbie and I were finally able to visit together,( we live at opposite ends of the earth most of the time) I remember her oohing and ahhing over MY creations! MINE! How could this be? This was Lillian's work- a beginner's! But her oohing and ahhing was heartfelt and genuine! I will never forget it! Never mind that it didn't compare to her work. Never mind that it wasn't perfect! I really felt that she liked my stuff and what a boost that was to my creativity!

When I started doing CQ, I remember ALL of my embellishments (including thread) could fit into a shoebox! (That really is a hilarious thought!) I thought I had ARRIVED! I won't mention how much 'finery' I have now, but I will say that I am grateful for a husband who is very understanding. =) VBG!

So, saving the best for last, I will leave the link to Debbie's blog. I am so glad she taught me how to crazy quilt and is such an inspiration to me- in more then just her stitching.

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  1. I believe I showed you my very first CQ which was completed in late 1997 while living in Japan and there are pics of this quilt on my blog. It has pieced fans, and I think I showed you how to paper-piece fans in early 1998 when we lived in Lakewood, WA. You reminded me of this recently.

    But don't forget it was you who encouraged my wholehearted addiction to CQ when I was in the Philippines without my fancy sewing machine, and you sent me some links for CQ lists! And I haven't looked back since that time!

    We have really cross-contaminated each other, I think!