Baskin Robbins

Some adverisements in the store...

Friday evening after Galbi, we went to the Baskin Robbins in Waegwan. They have such great ice cream- especially on a hot summer's day! Upon entering the store, I saw two monks- a man and a woman- eating ice cream with a child and her mother presumably. I assume they were family. They were eating from a bowl with balls of ice cream fondue style where you dip the fruit and ice cream in the melted chocolate in the center bowl. Looked good- and I thought how I would like to try that one day. After they left, I looked at the plate/bowl combo they had left on the table- and the unfinished 'dippers'- and I realized that there were tomatoes amidst the bananas! Tomatoes? Yes, tomatoes! Puts tomatoes in a whole new perspective. They, after all, are a fruit! =)


  1. And it looks like most of the tomatoes were left behind!!!!

  2. Wow - I just found your blog through Barb (Sweden) and really enjoyed reading all your posts. Your crazy quilting is wonderful and the pictures/stories of life in Korea are great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow!!! Some food I recognize!!! :) hahaa

  4. Stop! :-) I'm having flashbacks to corn and tuna pizza with mayonnaisesauce!

  5. Mmmmmmmmmm.... mayonaissesauce!

    Here they put goguma (sweet potato) on pizza, and even if I haven't tried it yet, I think I would probably like it. =)

    Oh and corn and tuna are also on pizza here. But with regular tomato-ey sauce as a base.

  6. I always eat the "grapes" in the fruit sallad at work, only to find out they are tomatoes. They space the days out enough that I forget every time!
    & I LOVE the sweet potato on the pizza! You've got to try it! I had also sweet potato soft-serve ice cream in Japan!
    //Morgan (from Craftster!)