Weekly Pedometer Reading

I decided to dust off my pedometer and join some of the other stitching ladies into counting steps for a week of progress.

I have always loved to walk. I really don't mind distance so joining in the challenge wasn't something I had to 'make' myself do. (I didn't have to look very far for finding my pedometer either!) They really are handy little gadgets. I prefer the ones with a timer on them and mine does not have that feature.

Monday found me replacing my pedometer battery allowing me to start counting with half the day gone. Three days out of five weekdays I was able to walk on the treadmill and play a game of raquetball with my husband. Also walking around errands around town. Even though we now have a car, I find myself preferring to walk if I am not in a time crunch. The weather has gotten hot and humid too. I also found that for a few mornings every week I had forgotten to put it on after I had been plodding through housework first thing in the morning. Jumping on the scale this week found me two and a half pounds less also including dieting. (Low Fat)

Ah, and good shoes are a neccesity.

I look forward to next weeks tally. Hopefully I can push farther.


  1. Very interesting, Lillian... very, very interesting... I might have to do this sometime. :)

  2. How good is that! You are doing heaps better than I am Lillian

  3. Way to go Lillian! Everyone is really motivating me to get out and get steppin!