Treasury Round Robin- Debbie's Block

This is Debbie's block from the Treasury Round Robin. I have kept it far too long and will be mailing it soon. The difficulty for me is that the ladies before me (I am the last working on it) 'set the pace' and have made it a mostly stitching block and it is mostly a geometric block. Talk about a challenge- at least to me!

I added the feather stitch seam. I might add some flower beads... not sure

I am pleased with the feather stitch circle around the button but think it is too close to the other seam stitchery. If I stitched closer to the edge of the block it probably would get cut off in the seam allowance. =( As much as I tried, I coudn't get a good close up of this motif.

I also added the tatting on the top patch on the geometric fabric.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. LILLIAN! You are the FIRST EVER "customer" that I have found that has a blog, too! I will definitely be back to read about you! Thanks for stopping by my personal blog, too. For some reason your photos aren't showing up. Is it my browser? Anyway - looking forward to reading more in the future. -April

  2. Great pics and can't wait to se it in person! Thanks.

  3. Wow - I am stunned and in awe at the intricate beauty and creativity God has most certainly blessed you with... what an amazing way of bringing Glory to Him. I could sit and study all that you do for hours! I want to reach out and touch it, Lillian. These are such beautiful creations.

  4. Yes that might be hard when you are the last to add something. But I think your work looks great. She will be happy with it...I know I would be. Could give some tips on the Feather Stitch circle?

  5. Lillian,
    What beautiful stitches you do. Your work is so delicate. Those blocks for the zip bags are great - love the colors!!