Tuckered Out!

Friday night we went to eat at the Galbi Mart. This little man was sitting at the table next to us absorbed in his bowl of bibimbap. (Rice with vegetables and seaweed) Occasionally his Mom would feed him some meat and he would happily go back to his own bowl. Picture taken with permission of course...

Many Koreans wear shirts with English words and American slogans on them that don't quite make any sense. They can REALLY tickle your funny bone. (Some are not even fit to post and I am not sure the wearers know what their shirts say!) Take the back of our server's tee shirt for example! =)

If you missed the post about Galbi (Kalbi) it is in the archives of June)

Baskin Robbins is on the agenda tomorrow...


  1. Hi Lillian,
    thanks for dropping by Patra's Place - I am delighted that so many girls are able to use the peacock design in some way!

  2. Lillian I can see why you wanted a picture of this little man. He is a doll. I am really enjoying all your photos of Korea.