Woo Bang Tower Land

On the fourth of July weekend we went to Woo Bang Tower Land. It is an amusement park, skating rink, and aquarium. You can also go up in the tower to the viewing deck. It is similar to the Space Needle in Seattle with a rotating restaurant. Since coming to Korea, I always wanted to get a birds eye view of Taegu from here, and now I can say I have-

More pics tomorrow!

What a view that last pic is, upside down and all, eh? =)


  1. Lillian, you are very brave. I would have been waiting for you on a bench, with my stitching on my lap. :-) Nice pics.

  2. I love your blog. You are brave for riding that roller coaster. Your stitching is beautiful. Joyce from the FW board!

  3. I second Debbie's sentiments! Lol... I'm just a chicken...bak, bak... Brenda M.