More Woo Bang Pics

Taking a well needed break. I think I am getting old!

We went to the ice rink to watch the ice skaters and to cool off since it was hot outside. There were two classes being given at the time, figure skating for girls and speed skating for boys. I asked if I could take one of their pictures, and he got all of his class buddies into the act. Now, I ask, you, how cute is that??? =)

Another 'aerial' view from the top of the roller coaster.


  1. Yes, those kids are cute. Oh, and the little skaters are sweet too.

  2. Korea does have some amazing views. I am starting a quilting, handmade purses, class this Thursday.

  3. Hi, Lillian!
    Finally, I made my blog.
    Good to see you here.
    How's your day?
    Today, I was very busy, even now.

    The picture is very funny(you and pastor together)
    Your embroidery is ecellent!!!