Blog Hopping and shopping

These are recent finds to the market in Taegu. Aren't they great?

Hideko lives in Japan and has posted some recent work on a round robin block that is so creative.

Also, Gina has a blog featuring vintage linens and it a wonderful source of inspiration.

Imagine my delight when Pam Kellogg has done line drawings of some of Gina's linens here-

And imagine my glee when i visited Gina and found she has started another blog about peacocks and that Pam will be drafting another one.... Does it get any better then this??? I dont think so!


  1. Those charms are fantastic, I've not seen anything like them before!

    My computer is being weird and I can't access your links... so I'll be back! Hope all is well, Smiles, Cat

  2. I love your recent finds! Living overseas has its intrigue, doesn't it? :-)