Pray for Sera

Sera is a friend who comes out to our church. We are also studying together- I (supposably) am teaching her English and she is teaching me Korean. (her English is incredible and I really don't find myself teaching her all that much!)

Wednesday, she left for Afganistan as a medical missionary for two weeks. She and a group of 200 South Koreans are going to Afganistan to volunteer at a clinic sponsored by a church here in Korea and also to introduce the Gospel.

My husband was listening to Paul Harvey news and comments this morning, and it was mentioned that there are Muslim clerics who are protesting the arrival of 200 South Korean missionaries who will also be helping the Afgan people. This is the group Sera is with.

With the protesting and unrest in Afghanistan, Please join with us in praying for Sera and her group.


  1. Dear Heavenly Father... I am moved to pray for this group. I ask that you would put a hedge of protection around them as they go forth in Your Name. Please help them in their mission and that the Afghans would see something peaceful and joyful about this group of people... that there would be a gentle mystery about them so as to bring Glory to You. In Jesus Name, April

  2. Hi Lillian,
    As soon as I read about Sera and her group, I said a prayer. We serve an awesome God. We trust she will make it home safely. Let us know. D.Kinson

  3. It's a small world, yes. Will keep her in our prayers!

  4. praying in agreement with all of you for Sera and her group's safety...