Drying Peppers!

I love the end of summer! With the gochu peppers bearing fruit, they are laid out in the direct sun to dry on the streets, pathways and alleyways all over Korea. They are then deseeded and ground to powder to use in making Kimchee and other Korean foods.

The smell of these peppers is wonderfully strong! It is one of my favorite memories in Korea that heralds the beginning of Fall!


  1. Do you get to buy any? Do you use then in your cooking? I know my husband loves peppers of all kinds, so he would be trying to get some, and I would be trying to keep them out of my food. =)

    Very colorful!

  2. Hi Susan,

    Gochu Garu (Chili Powder) is such a common spice here. It is used so often and is everywhere. If I eat Korean food I love it, but yes, it is spicy.

    I am going to see if I can take some pictures with various foods that use gochu garu and peppers. It ought to be interesting. =)