Heart for Chain of Hearts

I have almost finished my heart for the chain of hearts group. I haven't presented it to the group yet... I have to admit that I don't really like it. I like everything about it but the green feather stitching with the pink roses is where I went wrong. I shouldn't have gone with a green that is so bright. I think more of an olive green would have been more complementary.

The print was a gift from Rosemarie who sent me a nice gift of goodies. I think this is an apron print or something from the fifties. I really liked the colors. I have a second heart ready for embellishment also.

I still need to trim it down as you can see from the sewing line on the outside. I should be ready to swap this soon. Let's hope some nice person will want to swap this lowly thing.


  1. Hi Lillian,
    I have been looking at your work, nicely done. I like your heart. I shall explore somemore.

  2. I agree about the green, but don't think it's not workable. What if you added a little more of the same color to the right side in thread or beads along the seam or something to kind of move the eye around? Or how about embroidering a few lines over the leaves you don't like in a different thread to cover the offending green. :-)

  3. Do you mean thread that covers the silk ribbon embroidery leaves? I was thinking I could do the same with the feather stitching too. Would you recomend stitching through the SR leaves?

  4. Stop already - it isn't 'lowly' - beauty is in the eye of the beholder... remember that! :)

  5. I was thinking of stitching with fly or straight stitches right on top of the silk ribbon leaves, yep! It won't totally cover the lighter green, but the green you don't like will be sharing the stage and not so prominent, I think. :-)