Sera's Trip In Conclusion

I took quite a bit of time to post about Sera's trip to the United Arab Emirates. Please scroll down to the first post to read it in chronological order.

Looking at these pics, and if you are a Christian, I hope it gives you a burden for missions.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about Sera's trip. I know she reads this blog and please feel free to leave any comments to her. If you could see Sera in person- she is so very quiet and meek. But in this little lady is a woman who really has a desire to do something for the Lord. She is very faithful. This is her second missions trip- the first one was to Mongolia and she stayed amongst the Mongolians in yerts. She really is an inspiration!

Thank you Sera for allowing me to post pictures from your trip. I hope they bless others as they have blessed me!


  1. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational trip with us. I'm sure many seeds were planted, and growth will come about - more than you'll probably ever know! Sera, your faith is profound, making you a very brave woman.

  2. Thank you for sharing Seras story and picturs. What a women.

  3. I enjoyed Sera's story and photos. How exciting and wonderful! And you, Lillian are also doing a great deal for the kingdom of God, thank you for your life of inspiration!! God bless you!!