Squash and More Pathways

The first pics is a bit difficult to see. Near our house is a tree and some squash bushes grew up the trunk and into the branches. The squash is huge- as big as a watermelon and I would hate to be standing under it when and if it falls. Whoever it belongs to has wisely tied some rope around it to save it- and someone else's head. (Ouch- that would hurt!)

Here are some more paths that are wonderfully overgrown since we had an abundance of rain this summer monsoon. (This is right across the street from our house that I took yesterday.) The rice fields are almost to the waist and the rice harvest is great compared to last year which seemed malnourished due to the lack of rain. (Did I mention that we live in a small agricultural town?) I just love pics of pathways and if you haven't seen my other pics they are in the archives the first month of my blog here


  1. I love your pictures of pathways! Looking at them makes me feel like I'm going somewhere, or that there's some new adventure just ahead and around the bend. Thanks for posting these.

  2. Years ago while living in Dongducheon, Korea the same place where Lillian lived. People would plant small gardens next to our house. There was a brick wall that divided our properties. We had a chinese elm tree next to the fence.
    One of the squash vines grew up the wall and around one of the branches. I left it alone and soon a pumpkin grew between the branches. I guess it weighed about
    6lbs I had to bend the branch in order to remove it. It was a weird shape but in good condition. I now wish I would have taken a pictures as it grew in various stages. Your picture brought back that memory. Koreans make pumpkin soup I don't care for it, it's very popular.