Zandra's Block in the Flutterby Round Robin

This is Zandra's block in the Flutterby Round Robin. It is really a challenge for me because the colors are so bright and something I am not used to. But that is what the round robins are for... challenges.

The lovely butterfly was stitched by Debbie and is outlined in stem stitch and filled in with chain stitch. It is so pretty. I stitched the rose bush to the right of the butterfly and also the seam below it with the buttons. I hadn't planned on adding the butterfly charms or the extending flight path originally, but they seemed to work out well and I really like them there.
Thank You Zandra for allowing me to work on your block.!


  1. Susan what a lovely embroidery work. Lucky the person who get this nice piece!
    Ati from Norway.

  2. Pretty! Pretty! I love the way the roses fit into this block. There's a great flow with the butterfly!