FW in perspective

I had posted earlier about my Featherweight and its small dimensions and portability. Here is a pic so you can see exactly how big it is in relation to my arm... the bed of the sewing machine folds down for sewing.


  1. YEAHHHH! It worked!!! So now for the REEEEEEEEAL comment...

    Great idea for perspective on that machine. They truly are just the best machines ever! Julia was more than thrilled to know about her namesake. :)

  2. If you keep posting pics of this lovely little machine, I'm going to have tgo start hunting eBay for one of my own. :-) Your blog is looking great!

  3. Lillian, could you please email me, my addie is


    thanks....i would appreciate it a lot :>)

    Also, how do you get that background on there...when i tried to put a custom background on the beta all i got was an error.....lol..