Washington D.C.

I know I am late in sharing these- about a month- and I won't bore you with the lot of pics that I have. Looking at other people's pics can be a miserable experience! LOL! (Can you say TORTURE???) I will only share with you my faves of our pic to D.C. We had so much fun and toured the Capitol building twice and unfortunately the Museum of American History was being renovated which was pretty dissapointing.

Coming out of the front entrance of the Capitol down the stairs is the actual path that the newly elected President takes before the oath of office on the Capitol steps is taken. My husband, ever the lover of our country, had to recreate said journey and here is the path he trod... sans Ruffles and Flourishes or Hail to the Chief.

Mr. President...

First Lady??? =0

Overlooking the Mall while coming out of the Capitol from the Rotunda-

This is in the Rotunda in the Capitol Building. This is where many of our Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan laid in state preceding their burial. Call us Corny. It was my brilliant idea.

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  1. It looks like you all had a lovely time in DC. And the photo was NOT corny.