Chap Ssal Dok

Yummy- Today I bought some Chap Ssal Dok from a street vendor. You can hear him on a loudspeaker as he walks from one end of the busy street to the other selling the rice cakes. They are so delicious. They are very sticky and very gummy. Most Foreigners either love them or hate em- I love them especially when they are fresh and soft. My husband hates them and will not even TRY one! ??? In the center there is a bit of bean paste and they are rolled in confectionary sugar. Mmmmmmm... nice and gooey. Want to try one? =)


  1. From your description, they remind me very much of something we had at dim sum with some friends. They were yummy! Very, *very* sweet, though!

  2. actually, it is bean paste in the center but not too sweet and it doesnt taste like beans. Tasty! REALLY!