Jackie's Work on Debbie's 'In the Garden' Block

This is Jackie's work on Debbie's block from our In the Garden Round Robin over at CQS. Isn't her work stunning??? The frame is so tiny and Jackie put a little piece of fabric with a flower centered in the frame.

More pics tomorrow!


  1. OH that is so beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Wow, I'm in awe of her little bouquet! That picture was such a special addition, but how tiny! It will be fun to see what you add. Wish the time frame were better for me. =(

  3. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! That's my block! WOW!

  4. Lillian, April has been trying to post to your blog, and it won't let her, so she left this message for you on *my* blog and asked me to post it for her. =) It actually goes with the previous post.

    HI, LILLIAN!!! How ARE you!? This is the first time in weeks that I've
    had a chance to read the blogs in my side-bar. I don't know if I would
    try one. At first glance they looked like raspberry filling, however, the
    idea of it being a 'bean-paste' sort of made me 2nd-guess.

    I've always said a trip to the mission field would be a crash-course diet
    for me... I'd be so afraid to deviate from the foods I know. :) I've
    tried and tried to 'comment' but I never can on your blog?? I'm going to
    send this by way of your fellow blogger and see if it goes through. Good
    to see you again - April (april1930s)

  5. Hi Lil,
    I am so pleased you have left a comment on my blog! I've been meaning to contact you and the other Yahoo groups I joined last year, to explain why I had suddenly dropped out. For some weird reason, my computer does not like Yahoo. Whenever I logged into one of my Groups, it would freeze within a matter of minutes. It became so annoying that I decided not to bother with it anymore. Love your blogs - I have added them to my Favorites, and will be adding them to my sidebar shortly.

  6. Your CQ-ing is just beautiful. Wish I had your email so I could ask you a few questions. Thanks, Dee