Debbie's ITG block

I thought I was finished with this block. I was folding it up and putting it away in preperation for mailing and inspiration struck! I added the very delicate bobbin lace (?) in the inner arc of the fans. It is very old and very delicate. (Sorry for the glare!) Isn't Jackie's SRE on the fan spokes gorgeous?


  1. That lace is beautiful! Is it something you found there, or did someone in your family give it to you, or . . . ? It's perfect there.

    Jackie did do a nice job on the ribbon work.

  2. Susan, I bought it on e bay. It didn't show exactly the size and when I opened it I was so pleased with how dainty it was! I really love it!

  3. The bobbin lace was an excellent idea. It is so pretty and yes the SRE is great.