ITG Round Robin- Debby's block

Debbie's block has been worked on by three people so far and one more to go after myself. The challenge of many round robins is to make a block have cohesion since there are so many stitchers working on it with their unique styles. I must admit, that this is one round robin block that has the 'flow'. I think it is beautiful.

I thought it could use an embroidered motif so decided upon the vintage looking bird and embroidered him in Pearl Cotton 12. What garden would be complete without a bird? I did him in a very pale color because I didn't want to take away from Jackie's beautiful seam embroidery and swag above it.

It is strange. I hadn't done any stitching for months and couldn't make myself. It seemed my creativity was choked. It is horrible when you want to stitch but you can't find the inspiration to do so. It seems lately that things are just happening naturally.

I had been saving this little plastic button that I had recieved in a swap for ages. It is about one inch wide and a half inch tall. I only had one and was waiting for the perfect place to put it. I better get searching on ebay to find some more. =) I hope you like it, and your block Debby! I think I am finished! There are two patches for Melissa to work on and two seams.


  1. She is going to love it! Everyones work is awesome!

  2. The block is really beautiful and does seem to hang together well. The bird is just perfect in the garden. I love your angel. The placement on that lace is just the best idea. Very pretty block, and she will be so lucky to have it back. If I see any of those angels, I'll let you know. It's nagging at me that I have seen them somewhere.

  3. Beautiful work!

    Lil - you left a couple of comments on my friend Holly's blog about the 1" squares. She didn't make them , I did. So wouldn't be able to answer your questions.

    I am happy to help you out with any questions you have.

    My email is

    And my blog has lots of photo's of 1" collage squares if you want to take a peek.

  4. Love the block and the bird you made. You can see more about the bauble bag on my post of August 15th 2006. If you want a written descripton i can try to do that en send it by mail to you.