Debby's ITG block

This is s pic of Debby's block as it is so far. The colors are beautiful and all of the embellishments are also.

The beautiful silkie and embellishment was added by Debbie-

Then Jackie added the seam treatment at the lower portion of this pic and the lovely SRE garland that floats down the seam. So Pretty!

This is the direction I believe I am going so far. I think the butterfly looks great here. I haven't thought up any seam treatments yet but am waiting for inspiration to hit. I was thinking of adding a thread embroidered motif or possibly SRE motif. Not sure yet...


  1. Words cannot describe how wonderfully (if that's a word) beautiful this is. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Breathetaking. Get my point?

  2. What a dreamy, delicate block.

  3. This block is looking great! This is incredible! I auditioned several butterflies from my stash to place in the same area, but none looked right. You've got it with this one, I do believe!

  4. These blocks are so beautiful!! I love the framed picture of the lady.
    P.S. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. (My little Hamish is a terror!!!)

  5. What a beautiful block. I love the way everyone's work complements the prior work. I like the butterfly there, too.