TAST and new blocks!

I know I know! As if I need to start something new!!! I know I don't! But ever since I bought some basket fabric a while back I have been wanting to make a small wallhanging with nine squares alternating CQ blocks and the baskets.

Using Sharon's TAST as inspiration, I started this seam with the blanket stitch in blue. I know it looks much more like the cretan stitch- but believe me when I say it IS the blanket stitch! I didn't like the way it was turning out- it looked crooked- but I pressed on nonetheless. After that I added the colonial knots and the straight stitch accents which kind of balanced it out. I now like it!

Auditioning appliques, tatting and whatnot...

I'll post a pic of the fabric and two blocks I have so far together soon...

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  1. Hi Lil. I think your stitching looks lovely!! Also I answered your question on my blog, couldn't find an email for you. Thanks again for visiting!!