Pen Pals?

I have a friend here who wants to find penpals for her kids so they can brush up on their English and learn about various Cultures. Her son is 16 and her daughter is 10(American Age) If you know someone of the appropriate age(perhaps a family member) that would like to correspond with these two, please drop a line in the comment section and i will pass it along.


  1. You have been tagged. Please see my blog for details. I picked you because I am moving to Osan very soon!

  2. Hi Lil,
    I am teaching 3rd and 4th this year. I am sure there would be a girl in my class who would like to write to the 10 year old. The one I have im mind has family that would make sure she carried through with her commitment. Let me know and I'll talk to them and email her name and address privately.

  3. Hi Lil,
    Thank you so much for commenting on our videos. Ya, I did know that she does the parts herself, too funny, huh? I am sorry I don't know anyone to be pen pals for your friends, but if I think of someone I will for sure let you know.

  4. Did you find pen pals for both of them? If not, let me know and I'll check with my teacher and friend contacts.

  5. We will be moving to Seoul soon. My daughter is looking for someone to teach her Korean. Maybe they could be penpals.