Cough Cough- more yellow dust

More Yellow Dust and this time it is BAD. Yesterday was so hazy and you can see the yellow in the air. Last night it was dark out and you can STILL see the yellow haze in the air. The dust was at the highest levels that many Koreans can ever remember. You can see the chart here. There is a dust concentrate number and it is at the highest level possible. -All you wanted to know about yellow dust. Time to break out the face mask. Yeah I know it looks like I have the plague but I just dont care. =)


  1. What is the yellow dust? Better to look like you have the plague than to get sick!

  2. Looks don't matter; health and safety first!!

  3. It's early this year, no?

    But a Sandstorm / Duststorm over here is still least in regards to cleaning, blaeh...!