Bibimbap and Denjang Chigae


Ahhh... Yesterday I went to the the Waegwan Cultural Center for the Monday Korean cooking class. I dont think I will share a recipe this time, as it is far more time consuming then the chicken recipe I previously shared.

Bibimbap is a mound of rice in a bowl topped with various Korean vegetables, (some of which I have never heard of but I have been eating all along...) zuchinni, sliced egg, and topped with a small bit of chopped beef sauteed in garlic and gochujang. To eat it, you stir it all up together and eat it with a spoon, Some variations are topped with an easy over egg. Yummy! The first time I was here in Korea about ten years ago I didn't take a fancy to many Korean foods. I really didnt like Kimchee, bibimbap or many foods. Over the last ten years, I dont know what happened!!! Maybe my taste buds did a 180! I love Kimchi, bibimbap, seaweed, among many other Korean foods! They make my mouth water!

We also made a soup called Denjang Chigae. This is one of my favorite soups in Korea. It is basically soybean paste (Denjang) with dried shrimp, dried anchovy, tofu and usually a smattering of fresh green onion on top of it. Yummy!
The flowers and rice field pic was taken on my way to the class.

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