Hand Dyed Motifs and Button Bucket

I dyed some of the motifs that I bought at the market using the Ribbonsmyth dyes for silk ribbon and am pretty pleased with the results. It is recomended that you dampen the motifs with a bit of water, but I used it straight on the motifs and I am pleased with the results.

Here is the link for Ribbonsmyth by the way-
http://www.ribbonsmyth.com/ You can also buy white dyers ribbon and save a bundle of money! Dyeing your own silk ribbon only takes about five minutes and you heat set it in the microwave.

The Button Bucket! I first saw one of these on Louanne Sassone's blog, and knew since that day, that I HAD TO HAVE ONE! =) I had found one without a lid on ebay but wanted a complete set including the cord handle. Yesterday, on a whim, I did another search and there it was. I woke up at 4 am this morning- yes I am a glutton for punishment- and won the auction! Yippee!


  1. oh Lillian, your work is SO lovely!! And that bucket is cool! But I really like how your lace turned out! I've bookmarked you!!

  2. I love the button bucket..
    I want one too!!
    Good buy..

  3. Hi, I got the link from Sherry's blog when she wrote about your meet up. I would like to ask you a question about the shop RibbonSmyth. Have you purchased the vintage images iron on? Do you like it (and the shop)? I plan to purchase some to make CQ embellishments.