Taegu Daytrip

Yesterday we had to go to Taegu for business errands and in the evening met friends at Out Back Steakhouse in Dong-song-no. (In case you are wondering- it really is Outback!) That left us with a few hours to wander around Taegu.

I love street scenes and I these are two of my favorites that I took yesterday in Dong- song-no. It was getting to be dusk and the neon lights were starting to shimmer and it is so pretty. Dong-song-no is a very hip place to go shopping and where all of the young couples and people hang out. It has restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse, Bennigan's, McDonald's, Burger King and all sorts of eateries.

The second pic is my husband Dave eating Instant Ramen on the bus. If you haven't tried Korean ramen (pronounced ramyen in Korea) it is very spicy and very good.) Ramen connosieurs - of which I am not one- say a slice of cheese in it melted and stirred up makes it very tasty. The best brand is Shin Ramyun.

Korea has been a whirl of activity with the World Cup Games. Since there is a game against the Swiss today, everyone has been decked out in the team color, red and decorating anything and everything!


  1. Hi, I wandered across your blog and am looking thru... The pictures of Korea are so interesting! So much color - it reminds me a big crazy quilt itself. I'd love to go to that lace shop.
    Your crazy quilting is beautiful.

    Smiles from a fellow crazy quilter.

  2. I was excitted to hear back from you! My pieces are 5" X 7", they go easy on an 8 X 10 matte to frame. Small enough to work up quickly yet large enough to fit on some detail. I make the ATC size (2 1/2 x 3 1/2) sometimes, but can't fit anything on them!

    I'll keep an eye on your site for your new inspirations!

  3. Hi~ I joined the blogger.com, so I can leave a comment at your blog!

    I really love your beautiful quilting and it's interesting to read your stories!^^

  4. Lillian, I love your blog. It is so interesting seeing the Korea pictures and reading your comments about what you see and do. I'm living vicariously!